Who’s talking

Over fifty philosophers and other guests will be talking with the public during the Night from five main countries—the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. You’ll find out more about them as the Night is approaching in our dedicated articles. We introduce them here in alphabetical order.

balibarÉtienne Balibar (FR)

  • Bio-Politics or Cosmopolitics? (Debate)
  • Violence and Civility (Agora)
  • The Philosophy of the Migrant Condition (Lecture)


Barsa2Pavel Barša (CZ)

  • The Ends of Multiculturalism (Short)
  • War and Violence (Debate)

BesnierJean-Michel Besnier (FR)

  • Human Enhancement: A Deadly Ambition (Short)
  • Should Humans Be Enhanced? (Debate)


BierhanzlJan Bierhanzl (CZ)

  • The Refugee and the Bare Life (Short)
  • Case for a Rookie Hangman by Pavel Juráček (1969) (Introduction)
  • Asphyxiating Culture by Jean Dubuffet (Reading)

budakAdam Budak (CZ)

  • The Human Mask by Pierre Huyghe (Introduction)


burajIvan Buraj (SK)

  • Security and/or Rights and Liberties? (Short)



bydzovskaLenka Bydžovská (CZ)

  • The Slavic Epic / Slovanská Epopej by Alfons Mucha (1910-1928) (Guided Tour)



Portrait d'Amy Dahan mathématicienne et historienne des sciences française, directrice de recherche émérite au CNRS chez elle à Paris le 26/11/2015 Photo Jean-Christophe MARMARA/Le Figaro

Amy Dahan (FR)

  • Nature and Environment: New Political Trends and New Imaginaries (Short)



DaridaVeronika Darida (HU)

  • Figures and Variations of Sublime (Louis Marin) (Short)



eric fassin

Éric Fassin (FR)

  • Performing Race. On the Representation and Under-Representation of Minorities (Short)
  • War and Violence (Debate)



feltzBernard Feltz (BE)

  • Human-Nature Relationship and the Crisis of Modern Culture (Lecture)


FischerovaSylva Fischerová (CZ)

  • Thonet Chair, Right Angle and Wittgenstein



flipoFabrice Flipo (FR)

  • From Environmentalism to Ecology (Short)
  • Political Ecology in Action (Screening and Commentary)


FoesselMichael Foessel (FR)

  • The End of the World Today (Short)
  • Cinema and Eschatology. Images of Apocalypse in Contemporary Films and TV shows (Screening and Commentary)


FrancoisArnaud François (FR)

  • From Defense to Tolerance and Beyond: A History and Analysis of Political Patterns in Immunology (Short)

FulkaJosef Fulka (CZ)

  • Language Otherwise: Deafness as a Philosophical Problem (Short)
  • Camera Lucida. Notes on Photography by Roland Barthes (Reading)


GalikovaSilvia Gáliková (SK)

  • Journey Into the Wonderland (Short)




Kristin Gissberg (US)

  • War at a Distance. Tribute to Harun Farocki (Screening)



Slavek Horak photoSlávek Horák (CZ)

  • Homecare (Screening, Debate)



KeckFrédéric Keck (FR)

  • Images of Sick Animals: Animal Pain At a Distance (Screening and Commentary)


kleisnerKarel Kleisner (CZ)

  • Is Life Superficial? The Evolution of the External Aspect of Organisms (Short)


PK 2015Petr Koťátko (CZ)

  • Distorted History, Stolen Images and Faked Memory



Petr Kouba (CZ)

  • The Foreigner As a Need (Short)
  • The Intruder by Claire Denis (2004) (Introduction)



Kozlowski2Michał Kozłowski (PL)

  • Live to Let Die: from Multitude to Pogrom Crowd in Capitalist Post-Modernization (Short)
  • Can Women Still Save Us? (Agora)


LederAndrzej Leder (PL)

  • On Walter Benjamin’s Sentence: ‘There Is No Time to Fall’ (Short)
  • The Power of Images (Debate)


LengyelDavid Lengyel (FR/HU)

  • The Werckmeister Harmonies, Béla Tarr (2000) (Screening and commentary)
  • The Philosopher and the Filmmaker: Sharing Views (Agora)

ŁuczewskiMichał Łuczewski (PL)

  • Eternal Nations (Short)


MarcelliMiroslav Marcelli (SK)

  • Image as an Effect of Superimpression (Short)
  • The Power of Images (Debate)

MarinClaire Marin (FR)

  • The Improved Body (Short)


marsalekJan Maršálek (CZ)

  • Society As an Organism: the Power of a Theoretical Metaphor (Short)



Fotka Hradec (3)

Jaromír Matějek (CZ)

  • Ethical Counseling. Solving Ethical Problems in Everyday Medecine  (Short)
    • Homecare (Screening, Debate)




MontebelloPierre Montebello (FR)

  • Power or Powerlessness of Images? (Deleuze, Rancière) (Short)
  • The End of the Human World: Paving the Post-Anthropocentric Discourse (Short)
  • The ABC of Gilles Deleuze (1988-1989) – C like Culture and R like Resistance (Screening and Commentary)

MurawskaMonika Murawska (PL)

  • The Artist’s Blindness. The Power of Art: Derrida against Lyotard and Henry (Short)


NegriAntonio Negri (IT)

  • Bio-Politics or Cosmopolitics?  (Debate)
  • Producing Commonship: A New Internal Enemy? (Lecture)

OlayCsaba Olay (HU)

  • The Human Existence in the 21st Century (Short)
  • The Power of Images (Debate)

MP_12_2013Michaela Pejčochová

  • Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads by Ai Weiwei (2010) (Introduction)




pelluchonCorine Pelluchon (FR)

  • Taking Animals Seriously: What Does It Change for Ethics and Politics? (Short)
  • The Ethics of Care (Debate)



PetricekMiroslav Petříček (CZ)

  • The Power of Images (Debate)


pribanJiří Přibáň (CZ)

  • Symbols in Art and Politics: On Structural Irritation between Esthetical and Political Communication (Lecture)
  • The Slavic Epic by Alfons Mucha: Musing About the Apotheosis


Judith Revel (FR)

  • Biologization and Naturalization of ‘Threats’ (Short)
  • War and Violence (Debate)
  • Bios and Politikos (Agora)


Monika RozgowskaMonika Rogowska-Stangret (PL)

  • In Search for Ethics in Times of Crises. The Attitudes towards Others and Selves (Short)



SokolJan Sokol (CZ)

  • War and Violence (Debate)
  • Freedom and Ethics of Life (Agora)


SowaJan Sowa (PL)

  • Is There Life after Work? A Brief Enquiry into Postcapitalist Imaginaries (Short)


TakacsÁdám Takács (HU)

  • Embodiment and Forms of Political Emancipation (Short)



Tamás Gáspár Miklós

Gáspár Miklós Tamás (HU)

  • Bio-Politics and Class Politics (Short)



TassinÉtienne Tassin (FR)

  • Bio-politics or Cosmopolitics? (Debate)
  • The Philosophy of the Migrant Condition (Lecture)
  • The Wound by Nicolas Klotz  (Introduction)
  • Politics and Manifestation (Agora)


UrbanPetr Urban (CZ)

  • Joint Attention As the Key to the Difference Between Man and Other Animals? (Short)
  • The Ethics of Care (Debate)


visnovsky_841fa5c649Emil Višňovský (SK)

  • Humanism, Post-Humanism, Trans-Humanism (Short)
  • Should Humans Be Enhanced? (Debate)


VojvodikJosef Vojvodík (CZ)

  • The Paths of Image, the Paths of Blood: Art as a Mystery of Humanity (Lecture)



widmaierCarole Widmaier (FR)

  • War and Violence (Debate)
  • What’s a Cliché? Meditation on How We Appropriate Scientific Discourses (Short)

WinterTomáš Winter (CZ)

  • Theory Outside Practice: Czech Avant-Guard and Political Caricatures (Lecture and Images)


DCF 1.0

Benedetta Zaccarello (FR/IT/CZ)

  • Détruire, dit-elle by Marguerite Duras (Introduction)
  • Man Beyong Mankind: The Myth of the Mutant in Contemporary Philosophies (Short)




Images, Sciences and Politics – Prague 2016

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