Why Care about Bioethics?

Within the contemporary mutation of the links between sciences and politics, the field of bioethics plays a key role. Indeed, the issues of its cross-disciplinary debate—such as abortion, euthanasia, and the multiple aspects of medical care—touch the most individual consequences of the new involvement of Life in the social and political landscape.

Faculty of Arts – Kinosál (room 429)

The Intruder by Claire Denis (2004)
Who: Petr Kouba
What: Screening and Introduction
When: 7-9:30 PM
Language: Introduction in Czech / Film in French with English subtitles

Faculty of Arts – room 300

The Ethics of Care
Who: Corine Pelluchon and Petr Urban
What: Debate
When: 9:15-10:30 PM
Language: English

Ethical Counseling. Solving Ethical Problems in Everyday Medecine
Who: Jaromír Matějek
What: Short Lecture
When: 10:45 PM
Language: Czech

Philosophy Meets Cinema: Homecare by Slávek Horák (2015, Czech submission for 2015 Academy Awards)
Who: Slávek Horák and Jaromír Matějek
What: Screening and Debate
When: 11:15 PM-00:15 AM
Language: Czech

Trade Fair Palace – Korzo

Freedom and Ethics of Life
Who: Jan Sokol
What: Agora
Prepared by: Jan Vašíček (Arcibiskupské Gymnázium, Prague) and Matěj Král (Gymnázium na Vítězné pláni, Praha)
When: 7-8 PM
Language: Czech

Images, Sciences and Politics – Prague 2016

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