Nature and Life

The modern scientific and technological project is part of a bigger dream, one of understanding the universal laws of nature and life in order to master them unconditionally. The huge success of such a project comes with a prize: not only are we able to manipulate all living creatures in unprecedented ways, but we live under a constant risk of triggering irreversible transformations in our own environment, jeopardizing the very survival of our own and other species. Technoscience thus became a power that cannot be guided by its own criteria of rationality and demands for a new kind of political decisions and ethical responsibilities.

Faculty of Arts – room 104

Human-Nature Relationship and the Crisis of Modern Culture
Who: Bernard Feltz
What: Big Lecture
When: 7-8 PM
Language: English

From Environmentalism to Ecology
Who: Fabrice Flipo
What: Short Lecture
When: 8:15 PM
Language: English

Nature and Environment: New Political Trends and New Imaginaries
Who: Amy Dahan
What: Short Lecture
When: 8:45 PM
Language: English

Political Ecology in Action
Who: Fabrice Flipo
What: Screening and Comments
When: 11:30 PM-0:15 AM
Language: English

Images, Sciences and Politics – Prague 2016

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