Immunity, Parasites and Organism: Body Metaphors in Politics

As far as one can see in political history, metaphors of the body have been and continue to be the most constant ways of representing the political community, its essence and unity, and its health or disease. Viruses, parasites and immunity, are now some of the complex images of this powerful and secular metaphors.

The Trade Fair Palace – Auditorium

Embodiment and Forms of Political Emancipation
Who: Ádám Takács
What: Short Lecture
When: 10:15 PM
Language: English

From Defense to Tolerance and Beyond: A History and Analysis of Political Patterns in Immunology
Who: Arnaud François
What: Short Lecture
When: 10:45 PM
Language: English

Society As an Organism: the Power of a Theoretical Metaphor
Who: Jan Maršálek
What: Short Lecture
When: 11:15 PM
Language: Czech

Is There Life after Work? A Brief Enquiry into Postcapitalist Imaginaries
Who: Jan Sowa
What: Short Lecture
When: 11:45 PM
Language: English

Images, Sciences and Politics – Prague 2016

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