Bio-Politics Today (1): Bio-Security

What defines modern politics? The revolution of a power focused on Life, for which the control of populations and bio-security have become an obsession involving biological and medical knowledges as major political tools. From biological terrorism to political terrorism, or from human safety to animal bio-security, Life sciences and Politics are now more than ever unified.

Faculty of Arts – room 300

Biologization and Naturalization of “Threats”
Who: Judith Revel
What: Short Lecture
When: 7 PM
Language: English

Live to Let Die: from Multitude to Pogrom Crowd in Capitalist Post-Modernization
Who: Michał Kozłowski
What: Short Lecture
When: 8 PM
Language: English

Security and/or Rights and Liberties?
Who: Ivan Buraj
What: Short Lecture
When: 8:30 PM
Language: Slovak

The Trade Fair Palace – Studio Hrdinů

War and Violence
Who: Pavel Barša, Étienne Fassin, Judith Revel, Jan Sokol and Carole Widmaeir
What: Debate
When: 9:30-10:45 PM
Language: Czech and French, with simultaneous translation

Producing Commonship: A New Internal Enemy?
Who: Antonio Negri
What: Big Lecture
When: 11 PM-0h00 AM
Language: French, with simultaneous translation in Czech

Images, Sciences and Politics – Prague 2016

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