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Pierre Montebello

MontebelloFrench philosopher Pierre Montebello explores both aesthetics and metaphysics. He’s the author of many books and articles on the relationship between body and consciousness in the history of philosophy  (such as his Nietzsche, La Volonté de puissance in 2001), and on modern aesthetics (for instance, Deleuze, philosophie et cinéma, Vrin, 2008 or Kant, son esthétique entre mythes et récits in 2015 with Sabine Forero). Ha has lately developed his research on nature metaphysics from Schopenhauer to modern ontology, as shown by his last work, Métaphysiques cosmomorphes, la fin du monde humain (Cosmomorphic Metaphysics. The End of the Human World, 2015). He teaches at Le Mirail University in Toulouse.

Andrzej Leder

Leder2A philosopher, a psychoanalyst and a philosophical essayist, Andrzej Leder focuses on the question of the philosophical position of psychoanalytical thought. He writes on contemporary fears, with the insight provided by his medical and psychiatric experience. Andrzej Leder works at the Institute of Philosophy at the Polish Academy of Sciences, researching philosophical foundations of modern culture. After publishing on Freud and Heidegger (Nauka Freuda w epoce Sein und Zeit, 2007), his latest book is entitled Prześniona rewolucja. Ćwiczenie z logiki historycznej (An Over-Dreamed Revolution. Exercises in Historical Logic, 2014). He is also famous for his articles in the Polish magazine Krytyka Polityczna.

Josef Vojvodík

VojvodikJosef Vojvodík explores 20th century Czech and world literature (especially German) and its relationships to philosophy, psychology and the fine arts. He is known for defending the hidden value of Biedermeier art. He teaches at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University. He has published several books, the last of which on Pathos in Czech art, poetry and aesthetics (Patos v českém umění, poezii a umělecko-estetickém myšlení čtyřicátých let 20. století, Argo, 2014). He’s also published a Glossary of Catchwords of the Czech Avant-Garde (FF UK, 2011).

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Jiří Přibáň

pribanTrained in law, Jiří Přibáň has published extensively in social theory and sociology of law, legal philosophy, constitutional and European comparative law, and theory of human rights. He is an editor of the Journal of Law and Society and a regular contributor to the Czech and international media, and is known for his comments on Czech and European politics. He currently teaches law at Cardiff university. He is the acclaimed author of Právní symbolismus (Filosofia, 2007) – in English: Legal Symbolism, On Law, Time and European Identity (Ashgate, 2007).  His last book, Obrana ústavnosti aneb česká otázka v postnacionální Evropě deals with the “Czech question” in post-national Europe (Slon, 2014).

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David Lengyel

LengyelDavid Lengyel explores as a philosopher the work of several film directors, among whom Hungarian Béla Tarr, on whom he has published a book entitled « Trembler pour l’autre ». Pour une éthique du cinéma (‘Fearing for the Other’. For Cinema Ethics, Palio, 2015). He is also a film critic for French magazines, and teaches Central European cinema at the Inalco in Paris.

Miroslav Marcelli

MarcelliMiroslav Marcelli is a philosopher and is famous for his translations of Michel Foucault’s works in Slovak. He spent some years in France and in Oxford. He has written several books and articles on Foucault (Michel Foucault alebo stať sa iným, 1995) and Roland Barthes (Príklad Barthes, 2001). Lately he’s explored the philosophy of urban life and architecture (Mesto vo filozofii, 2011) . He teaches both at the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University in Prague and at the Comenius University in Bratislava.

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Sylva Fischerová

FischerovaIf teaching  Ancient Greek literature and philosophy at the Charles University in Prague, Sylva Fischerová has been writing poetry since her childhood, and is a major figure of contemporary Czech literature (her last collection of poems is entitled Sestra duše, 2015—and some of her previous poems can be read in English since the publication of the 2010 volume The Swing in the Middle of Chaos. Her collection of new poems was edited by Callypso under the title Stomach of the Soul (2015).

Read her 2010 interview in English about her poetry here.

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Veronika Darida

DaridaVeronika Darida is Associate Professor at the Department of Aesthetics of the ELTE, Budapest, and guest lecturer at the CIPh (Collège International de Philosophie, Paris). She studied at the Hungarian School of Drama and Film and later in Paris for her PhDs (for she has two, one in Philosophy and one in Comparative Literature). Her main research interests are contemporary French phenomenology and theory of the theatre (Színház-utópiák, 2010). She lately investigated the question of nostalgia in art (A nosztalgia művészete / A művészet nosztalgiája, 2015).

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The Power of Images

Trade Fair Palace – Studio Hrdinů

The Power of Images
Who: Andrzej Leder, Miroslav Marcelli, Csaba Olay and Miroslav Petřiček
What: Debate
When: 7-8:15 PM
Language: French and Czech, with simultaneous translation

Trade Fair Palace – Malá Dvorana

Thonet Chair, Right Angle and Wittgenstein
Who: Sylva Fischerová
What: Reading
When: 10:15-10:45 PM
Language: Czech

Camera Lucida. Notes on Photography by Roland Barthes 
Who: Josef Fulka
What: Reading
When: 11-11:30 PM
Language: Czech

Distorted history, stolen images and faked memory
Who: Petr Koťátko
What: Reading / Performance
When: 11:45PM-0:15 AM
Language: Czech

The Paths of Image, the Paths of Blood: Art as a Mystery of Humanity
Who: Josef Vojvodík
What: Lecture / Performance
When: 0:30-1:15 AM
Language: Czech

Asphyxiating Culture by Jean Dubuffet
Who: Jan Bierhanzl
What: Reading / Performance
When: 1:30-2:15 AM
Language: Czech

Faculty of Arts – Aula

The Problem of Self and Alterity in Contemporary Philosophy
Who: Jiří Přiban
What: Big Lecture
When: 11 PM-0:00 AM
Language: Czech

What’s a Cliché? Meditation on How We Appropriate Scientific Discourses
Who: Carole Widmaier
What: Short Lecture
When: 0:15 AM
Language: French with simultaneous Czech translation

Power or Powerlessness of Images? (Deleuze, Rancière)
Who: Pierre Montebello
What: Short Lecture
When: 0:45 Am
Language: French with simultaneous Czech translation

Image as an Effect of Superimpression
Who: Miroslav Marcelli
What: Short Lecture
When: 1:15 AM
Language: Slovak

Figures and Variations of Sublime (Louis Marin)
Who: Veronika Darida
What: Short Lecture
When: 1:45 AM
Language: English

The Artist’s Blindness. The Power of Art: Derrida against Lyotard and Henry
Who: Monika Murawska
What: Short Lecture
When: 2:15 AM
Language: French with simultaneous Czech translation

Faculty of Arts – room 217

When Theory Doesn’t Meet Practice: Czech Avant-Guard and Political Caricatures
Who: Tomáš Winter
What: Lecture and Images
When: 9:45 PM
Language: Czech

Faculty of Arts – Kinosál (room 429)

The Werckmeister Harmony by Béla Tarr
Who: David Lengyel
What: Screening and Comments
When: 10 PM – 0:30 AM
Language: English