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Last Minute Announcements

Dear visitors of the Night,

as in any events of such scale, a few of our confirmed speakers won’t be able to join us!

Toni Negri, Judith Revel and Frédéric Keck are unfortunately withheld in France.

Be assured that you’ll still have the difficult task to choose between many enticing debates, lectures, screenings and artworks simultaneously happening!

A Survival Kit for Your 1st Night of Philosophy

Tip no. 1: Make plans!

Download the programme of the Night of Philosophy in advance (here) and plan your night according to your interests. You can choose between political philosophy, bioethics, philosophical reflection of art, commented film screenings, “Power of Images”, “Animal” or “The End of Man & End of the World”. In the programme, each theme is marked by a different colour.

Tip no. 2. Enjoy both venues!

The Night of Philosophy takes place at the Faculty of Philosophy and the Trade Fair Palace. The journey between the venues takes 7 mins by tram. You don’t need to run around like crazy, but you also don’t have to worry about the transport after midnight: Prague Public Transit assured a direct tram line between the Philosophical Faculty and the Trade Fair Palace which departs every 15 mins!

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Petr Urban

UrbanPetr Urban is a philosopher and translator based at the Czech Academy of Sciences where he leads the Department of Contemporary Continental Philosophy (Institute of Philosophy). His expertise lies in the areas of phenomenological philosophy and care ethics. He is author or editor of The Birth of Phenomenology (2010 in German), Phenomenology of the Body (2011 in Czech) and The Early Husserl and the Philosophy of Language (2013 in Czech). Apart from questioning the human-animal line, the conundrum of one´s own body and the ethical implications of care-providing, he also served as a mayor of South-Bohemian village Bednárec.

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Michaela Pejčochová

MP_12_2013Michaela Pejčochová is curator of the Chinese art collections in the National Gallery in Prague. During her studies at the Charles University in Prague, she was concerned mainly with the theory and philosophy of Chinese literature and art. The seeming “emptiness” of Chinese theoretical treatises is compensated in her work with the care of art collections, themselves of a very tangible nature, and curating of exhibitions from these artworks. In this realm, she concentrates mainly on ancient Chinese painting and Chinese art world of the inter-war period. This resulted in 2008 in the exhibition and publication Masters of 20th-Century Chinese Ink Painting from the Collections of the National Gallery in Prague. These topics will also be at the centre of the forthcoming publication The Call of the East – Europe in China, China in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s.

Why Care about Bioethics?

Faculty of Arts – Kinosál (room 429)

L’Intrus by Claire Denis (2004)
Who: Petr Kouba
What: Screening and Introduction
When: 7-9:30 PM
Language: French with Czech subtitles

Faculty of Arts – room 300

The Ethics of Care
Who: Corine Pelluchon, Petr Urban
What: Debate
When: 9:15-10:30 PM
Language: English

Ethical Counseling. Solving Ethical Problems in Everyday Medecine
Who: Jaromír Matějek
What: Short Lecture
When: 10:45 PM
Language: English

Philosophy Meets Cinema: Homecare by Slávek Horák (2015, Czech submission for 2015 Academy Awards)
Who: Slávek Horák and Jaromír Matějek
What: Screening and Debate
When: 11:15 PM-00:15 AM
Language: Czech

Bio-Politics Today (1): Bio-Security

Faculty of Arts – room 300

Biologization and naturalization of “threats”
Who: Judith Revel
What: Short Lecture
When: 7 PM
Language: English

Live to Let Die: from Multitude to Pogrom Crowd in Capitalist Post-Modernization
Who: Michał Kozłowski
What: Short Lecture
When: 8 PM
Language: English

Security and/or Rights and Liberties?
Who: Ivan Buraj
What: Short Lecture
When: 8:30 PM
Language: Slovak

Fair Trade Palace – Studio Hridnů

War and Violence
Who: Pavel Barša, Étienne Fassin, Judith Revel, Jan Sokol and Carole Widmaeir
What: Debate
When: 8:30-9:45 PM
Language: Czech and French, with simultaneous translation

From Non-Politics to Bio-Politics
Who: Roberto Esposito
What: Big Lecture
When: 10-11 PM
Language: French

Producing Commonship: A New Internal Enemy?
Who: Antonio Negri
What: Big Lecture
When: 11:15 PM-0h15 AM
Language: French, with simultaneous translation in Czech

Faculty of Arts – Kinosál (room 429)

Détruire, dit-elle by Marguerite Duras
Who: Benedetta Zaccarello
What: Screening and Commentary
When: 0:45-2:45 AM
Language: French, with English subtitles; commentary in English


Register for the agora of your choice by 15 June at!

The Trade Fair Palace – Korzo

Freedom and Ethics of Life Around Jan Sokol

Prepared by: Jan Vašíček (Arcibiskupské Gymnázium, Prague) and Matěj Král (Gymnázium na Vítězné pláni, Praha)
When: 7-8 PM
Language: Czech

Violence and Civility. Around Étienne Balibar

Prepared by: Richard Cisler (Praxis, FF UK) and Josef Matoušek (FHS UK)
When: 11:15-0:15 AM
Language: English

Bios and Politikos. Around Judith Revel

Prepared by: Nicolas Garrera (FHS UK), Jan Lockenbauer (FH UK ) and Philippe Charlebois (FHS UK)
When: 0:15-1:15 AM
Language: French

Faculty of Arts – History Cabinet

The Philosopher and the Filmmaker: Sharing Views. Around David Lengyel

Prepared by: Hanna Trindade (FHS UK)
When: 8:30-9:30 PM
Language: French

Can women still save us? Around Michał Kozłowski

Prepared by: Benjamin Kaiser a Alexander Berg (FHS UK)
When: 10:15 PM-11:15 AM
Language: English

Politics and Manifestation. Around Étienne Tassin

Prepared by: Catarina di Fazio (FHS UK)
When: 0:30-1:30 AM
Language: French


Big Lectures

Human-Nature Relationship and the Crisis of Modern Culture

A lecture by Bernard Feltz

Where & When: Faculty of Arts – room 104, 7-8 PM
Language: English


Producing Commonship: A New Internal Enemy?

A lecture by Antonio Negri

Where & When: The Trade Fair Palace – Studio Hrdinů, 11 PM-0:00 AM
Language: French, with simultaneous translation in Czech

Symbols in Art and Politics: On Structural Irritation between Esthetical and Political Communication

A lecture by Jiří Přibáň

Where & When: Faculty of Arts – room 104, 10-11 PM
Language: Czech


The Philosophy of the Migrant Condition

A lecture by Étienne Tassin and Étienne Balibar

Where & When: Faculty of Arts – Aula, 9:15-10:15 PM
Language: French, with simultaneous translation in Czech

Human Enhancement

Faculty of Arts – room 200

Language Otherwise: Deafness as a Philosophical Problem
Who: Josef Fulka
What: Short Lecture
When: 9:15 PM
Language: Czech

Humanism, Post-Humanism, Trans-Humanism
Who: Emil Višňovský
What: Short Lecture
When: 9:45 PM
Language: Slovak

The Improved Body
Who: Claire Marin
What: Short Lecture
When: 10:15 PM
Language: French with simultaneous Czech translation

Human Enhancement: A Deadly Ambition
Who: Jean-Michel Besnier
What: Short Lecture
When: 10:45 PM
Language: French with simultaneous Czech translation

Trade Fair Palace – Studio Hridnů

Should Humans Be Enhanced?
Who: Jean-Michel Besnier, Emil Višňovský and Jan Hubík
What: Debate
When: 00:30-1:45 AM
Language: Czech and French, with simultaneous translation