Tomáš Winter

WinterAs an art historian and a curator, Tomáš Winter looks into modern art in the 20th century, with special focus on caricatures on the one hand, and on primitivism and non-European art on the other hand, as in his 2013 book investigating the relationship between Czech fine art and non-European cultures in the last century (Palmy na Vltavě. Primitivismus, mimoevropské kultury a české výtvarné umění 1850-1950). He investigates the relationship between art, politics and communication, and is leading a research on Folk art between visual culture and politics in Bohemia and Moravia (1840–1960). He is currently preparing an exhibition and book on sport and fine art. A researcher at the Institute of Art history of the Czech Academy of sciences, he lectures at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

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