Why Care about Bioethics?

Faculty of Arts – Kinosál (room 429)

L’Intrus by Claire Denis (2004)
Who: Petr Kouba
What: Screening and Introduction
When: 7-9:30 PM
Language: French with Czech subtitles

Faculty of Arts – room 300

The Ethics of Care
Who: Corine Pelluchon, Petr Urban
What: Debate
When: 9:15-10:30 PM
Language: English

Ethical Counseling. Solving Ethical Problems in Everyday Medecine
Who: Jaromír Matějek
What: Short Lecture
When: 10:45 PM
Language: English

Philosophy Meets Cinema: Homecare by Slávek Horák (2015, Czech submission for 2015 Academy Awards)
Who: Slávek Horák and Jaromír Matějek
What: Screening and Debate
When: 11:15 PM-00:15 AM
Language: Czech

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