Jan Sowa

SowaTrained in literature, philosophy and sociology in Warsaw and Paris, Jan Sowa focuses his work on (Western) modernity, with special emphasis on the relationship between European and other cultures. He published many articles and books on current issues related to colonialism (as in his 2007 book Ciesz się, późny wnuku! Kolonializm, globalizacja i demokracja radykalna), migration and globalization. A regular contributor to several journals, such as Krytyka Polityczna, Praesens, or Ha!art., whose foundation he presides, he recently coedited a collection of essays entitled A Joy Forever: Political Economy of Social Creativity, including articles by Luc Boltanski, Massimiliano Tomba, Isabelle Graw and Gigi Roggero (MayFly Books, 2015). Jan Sowa currently teaches at the Jagellon University in Cracow.

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