Michaela Pejčochová

MP_12_2013Michaela Pejčochová is curator of the Chinese art collections in the National Gallery in Prague. During her studies at the Charles University in Prague, she was concerned mainly with the theory and philosophy of Chinese literature and art. The seeming “emptiness” of Chinese theoretical treatises is compensated in her work with the care of art collections, themselves of a very tangible nature, and curating of exhibitions from these artworks. In this realm, she concentrates mainly on ancient Chinese painting and Chinese art world of the inter-war period. This resulted in 2008 in the exhibition and publication Masters of 20th-Century Chinese Ink Painting from the Collections of the National Gallery in Prague. These topics will also be at the centre of the forthcoming publication The Call of the East – Europe in China, China in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s.

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