Fabrice Flipo

flipoFabrice Flipo investigates the field of political ecology, on which he has published many books and articles, such as his last two opus, Les Enjeux d’une philosophie politique écologiste (The Stakes of a Political Ecologist Philosophy, 2014) and Nature et politique. Contribution à une anthropologie de la modernité et de la globalisation (Nature & Politics. Contribution to an Anthropology of Modernity and Globalization, 2014). He spent a year in Delhi for the purpose of his work. He is also renowned for his 2010 book with D. Bayon and F. Schneider on ‘Degrowth’ ( La décroissance – 10 questions pour comprendre et en débattre), which has been translated in Italian and Portuguese. He teaches at Telecom Business School in Paris.



Listen to some of his interviews in French on France Culture Radio.

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