Pierre Montebello

MontebelloFrench philosopher Pierre Montebello explores both aesthetics and metaphysics. He’s the author of many books and articles on the relationship between body and consciousness in the history of philosophy  (such as his Nietzsche, La Volonté de puissance in 2001), and on modern aesthetics (for instance, Deleuze, philosophie et cinéma, Vrin, 2008 or Kant, son esthétique entre mythes et récits in 2015 with Sabine Forero). Ha has lately developed his research on nature metaphysics from Schopenhauer to modern ontology, as shown by his last work, Métaphysiques cosmomorphes, la fin du monde humain (Cosmomorphic Metaphysics. The End of the Human World, 2015). He teaches at Le Mirail University in Toulouse.