The Power of Images

with Andrzej Leder, Miroslav Marcelli, Csaba Olay and Miroslav Petřiček
Moderator: Petr Fischer (Hospodářské noviny)
The Trade Fair Palace – Studio Hrdinů, 7:15-9 PM

Bio-Politics or Cosmopolitics

with Étienne Balibar, Antonio Negri and Étienne Tassin
Moderator: Anne Gléonec (French curator of the Night)
Faculty of Arts – Aula, 7:15-9 PM

War and Violence

with Pavel Barša, Éric Fassin, Judith Revel and Jan Sokol
Moderator: Carole Widmaier
The Trade Fair Palace – Studio Hrdinů, 9:30-10:45 PM

The Ethics of Care

with Corine Pelluchon and Petr Urban
Moderator: Giuseppe Bianco (CEFRES/Lyon III)
Faculty of Arts – room 300, 9:15-10:30 PM

Should Humans Be Enhanced?

with Jean-Michel Besnier, Emil Višňovský and Jan Hubík
Moderator: Martin Vraný (FF UK)
The Trade Fair Palace – Studio Hrdinů, 00:15-1:30 AM


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