Voices of Philosophers. From the French INA Archives

ImprimerScreened at the Malá Dvorana and at the Studio Hrdinů

  • Derrida : on the Train back from Prague (1982), 7:30-7:37 PM/11:00-11:07 PM. Derrida explains how he was detained while going back to France from Prague.
  • Right to Hope or Right to Lose Hope? (1977), 7:38-7:58 PM/11:08-11:28 PM. With Michel Foucault, Maurice Clavel, Christian Jambet and André Glucksmann. About the giving up of Marxism by French intellectuals after the 1956 events in Hungary.
  • In Solidarity with Solidarity (1982), 7:59-8:09 PM/11:29-11:39 PM. With Michel Foucault and Simone Signoret. About the Polish trade union Solidarity.
  • The Cellar Stairs can only be Walked Down (1961), 8:10-8:20 PM/11:40-11:50 PM. With Gaston Bachelard. A portrait of this philosopher.
  • Patočka’s Last Stance (1977), 8:21-8:25 PM/11:51-11:55 PM. With Jan Patočka and Jiří Hájek. About repression against Charter 77 signatories.

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